“A global private club where highly influential leaders, celebrities, philanthropists, and founders come together to accelerate solutions for biodiversity.”

The Great Purpose. 


Accelerate the solutions to give more visibility to biodiversity.

The Most Sustainable Order of NON-SUCH is a social club like no other, it is a tribe where highly influential and committed leaders, celebrities, philanthropists, and founders from around the world come together to accelerate the solutions to give more visibility to biodiversity.

The Order hosts world-class events filled with purpose and magic, at prime locations around the world, particularly at historical and natural heritage sites.

It is formed as an order of merit, specifically of environmental merit, and for its gatherings follows the Chatham House Rule, allowing its members to share thoughts and facts learned at the meetings, without revealing the source.


Our club’s history is filled with captivating stories of past missions and leaders. From advocacy successes to lessons learned, we continue to adapt to meet the environmental´s challenges.

The original group was founded in 2007, then renamed in 2016 after the NON-SUCH Nature Reserve, and re-structured in 2022 to welcome new members from more countries.


The members of The Order are called The Stewards, for they become true guardians of nature reserves.

Besides attending events and carefully curated networking experiences at magnificent locations, members can choose to be involved in missions to advance specific environmental objectives. The missions are meant to have a measurable positive impact in giving more visibility to biodiversity.